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July 2020

429: Stephanie Thum, Inclusive CX

We haven’t discussed inclusive customer experience on this podcast, so we are excited to talk to our guest today – Stephanie Thum, as that's one of the main things she specializes in. She is a [...]

428: Are COVID Surcharges Good or Bad CX?

Companies have already started adding surcharges because of COVID-19. Companies, especially restaurants, are adding these surcharges as they believe it’s a way to recuperate some of their losses. Naturally, some customers are OK with this, [...]

427: Michel Falcon, Post-Pandemic Restaurant Experience

About Michel Falcon It’s a tough time for the restaurant industry right now, and Michel Falcon is here to truly open up about it, and lead a conversation we all need to hear. He is [...]

June 2020

426: The New Normal for B2B

"The new normal." We keep hearing this phrase all the time, and we're all using it as well. It's perfectly reasonable as the new crisis has changed everything for most industries, but we're rarely focusing [...]

425: Donna Cutting, Rolling Out the Red Carpet for Customers

About Donna Cutting How do you roll out the red carpet for your customers? It's the type of customer service every customer wants, and Donna Cutting is here to talk about how you can manage [...]

424: 5 New Considerations for the Remote Work Era

The remote work era is here to stay, and this has become perfectly clear during the last few months. But there are still important things you need to consider. “We’ve seen a shift, one that’s [...]

423: David Priemer, The Sales Experience

About David Priemer Even though the relationship between sales and customer experience is tightly bound, we still treat them as two different things. This is precisely what we are here to discuss with David Priemer, [...]

422: Lessons from a Joint Virtual Keynote

2020 has been tough, there's no going around it, but Adam and Jeannie have one small silver lining – they got to present twice! The second time was virtual, and they got to present together, [...]

May 2020

421: Michel Feaster, Journey-Centered Experiences

About Michel Feaster There is always a gap between theory and practice of the customer journey. Our guest, Michel Feaster, is here to talk about that very gap and how to close it. Her enterprise [...]

420: Focus on Fundamentals

A lot of the things in most industries have changed dramatically because of the new situation we have found ourselves in. One of those things are the fundamentals in customer service. While they might be [...]

419: Dan Reese, Community and CX

About Dan Reese The online world has changed a lot since its inception. We now have a world where you can find a like-minded community online, no matter what your interests are. We talk about [...]

418: Do We All Need New Journey Maps?

"When the landscape changes, you need new maps." This is a fact when it comes to customer journey maps and that's what we're here to talk about. And if the landscape hasn’t changed significantly since [...]

April 2020

417: Bernadette Smith, Inclusive CX

About Bernadette Smith We recently spoke about lenses in a recent guest episode, and now Bernadette Smith is here to talk about the lenses through which we view each other. Bernadette started 14 Stories in [...]

416: Measure For Insights, Not Just Metrics

How do you measure for insights and not only for metrics? What’s more, why is this a question when it stands to reason that insights from metrics should be more important than the metrics themselves? [...]

Bonus Episode: Ryan Lester, Digital Transformation for Today

About Ryan Lester Ryan Lester is here to talk about what’s happening with digital transformation, customer experience, and the strange times we’re experiencing. He knows the importance of caring for the customers but also for [...]

415: Stephen Shapiro, Invisible Solutions

About Stephen Shapiro Stephen Shapiro's new book is out called Invisible Solutions, and it's all about how we can approach problems and problem solving, something that's not often thought about. However, Stephen has thought about [...]

414: Be Your Customer’s Hero

Adam talks about the upcoming fifth anniversary of Be Your Customer's Hero – Adam's book. For those who don’t know, his book is filled with some great techniques and tips for all of those looking [...]

March 2020

413: Shep Hyken, The Cult of the Customer Revisited

About Shep Hyken Shep Hyken joins Adam and Jeannie in this episode to talk about the updated version of his book and to make cults cool again! Just kidding, his book is called The Cult [...]

412: Short Term Urgency with Long-Term Goals

Jeannie is flying solo today, and she wants to discuss how you can make room for the short-term and urgent things while trying to achieve long-term goals. This is especially important today, in the crazy [...]

411: Stacy Sherman, Being Customer Centric

About Stacy Sherman It's easy to talk about a customer-centric culture; there's no doubt about that. But how do we actually do it in practice? It takes a lot of community building throughout the organization [...]

410: Is Technology Forcing Customer Service Teams to Do Sales?

Is technology forcing customer service teams to do sales? It’s an interesting question and one that’s becoming increasingly apparent to many companies. If we answer the question positively, that will make team members salespeople as [...]

409: Micah Solomon, Customer-First Approach

About Micah Solomon Does the secret lie in hiring the right people who are right by nature, or is it all about training when it comes to customer service? It's an age-old question, one we [...]

February 2020

408: What Support Channels Customers REALLY Want

Technology comes and goes, new products are created, and after a while, they disappear as they’ve become obsolete. People get excited about them all the time, and so do businesses and leaders. And just as [...]

407: Joe Pine, The Experience Economy Revisited

About Joe Pine Joe Pine, whose amazing book titled The Experience Economy, is what got Jeannie started on her customer experience journey! B. Joseph Pine II is an internationally acclaimed author, speaker, and management advisor. [...]