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April 2020

Bonus Episode: Ryan Lester, Digital Transformation for Today

About Ryan Lester Ryan Lester is here to talk about what’s happening with digital transformation, customer experience, and the strange times we’re experiencing. He knows the importance of caring for the customers but also for [...]

415: Stephen Shapiro, Invisible Solutions

About Stephen Shapiro Stephen Shapiro's new book is out called Invisible Solutions, and it's all about how we can approach problems and problem solving, something that's not often thought about. However, Stephen has thought about [...]

414: Be Your Customer’s Hero

Adam talks about the upcoming fifth anniversary of Be Your Customer's Hero – Adam's book. For those who don’t know, his book is filled with some great techniques and tips for all of those looking [...]

March 2020

413: Shep Hyken, The Cult of the Customer Revisited

About Shep Hyken Shep Hyken joins Adam and Jeannie in this episode to talk about the updated version of his book and to make cults cool again! Just kidding, his book is called The Cult [...]

412: Short Term Urgency with Long-Term Goals

Jeannie is flying solo today, and she wants to discuss how you can make room for the short-term and urgent things while trying to achieve long-term goals. This is especially important today, in the crazy [...]

411: Stacy Sherman, Being Customer Centric

About Stacy Sherman It's easy to talk about a customer-centric culture; there's no doubt about that. But how do we actually do it in practice? It takes a lot of community building throughout the organization [...]

410: Is Technology Forcing Customer Service Teams to Do Sales?

Is technology forcing customer service teams to do sales? It’s an interesting question and one that’s becoming increasingly apparent to many companies. If we answer the question positively, that will make team members salespeople as [...]

409: Micah Solomon, Customer-First Approach

About Micah Solomon Does the secret lie in hiring the right people who are right by nature, or is it all about training when it comes to customer service? It's an age-old question, one we [...]

February 2020

408: What Support Channels Customers REALLY Want

Technology comes and goes, new products are created, and after a while, they disappear as they’ve become obsolete. People get excited about them all the time, and so do businesses and leaders. And just as [...]

407: Joe Pine, The Experience Economy Revisited

About Joe Pine Joe Pine, whose amazing book titled The Experience Economy, is what got Jeannie started on her customer experience journey! B. Joseph Pine II is an internationally acclaimed author, speaker, and management advisor. [...]

406: Delta Airlines and the Stakeholder Debate

Delta Airlines have been one of the very few major legacy companies that have managed to disregard what most of its competitors are doing, and invest heavily in customer service. As you'll hear in this [...]

405: Jeanne Bliss: How Will You Be Remembered?

About Jeanne Bliss We talk about customer experience on this podcast, but we also talk about leadership. In fact, customer experience cannot go without leadership. With that in mind, we have Jeanne Bliss with us, [...]

January 2020

404: Do Leaders Lie About the Importance of CX?

They have been saying it for quite a while now, and there are plenty of stats to support this. But have these statistics been right or wrong? They are all based on surveys, and we [...]

403: Blake Morgan, The Customer of the Future

About Blake Morgan Blake Morgan is a leader in customer experience. Blake is a keynote speaker, customer experience futurist, and author of two books on customer experience. Her bestselling second book is called “The Customer [...]

402: Focusing Your CX Team in 2020

We are very excited about 2020. However, as every new year starts, organizations are trying to get back into the game after the holidays, and things like the customer-centric focus tend to get lost in [...]

401: Annette Franz, Customer Understanding

About Annette Franz Annette Franz has a wonderful new book she named Customer Understanding. Annette is a CCXP and the founder and CEO of CX Journey Inc – a customer experience consultancy. With more than [...]

December 2019

400 Episodes (and we’re still talking to each other)

Welcome to a very special episode of Crack the Customer Code – our 400th episode! For such a special occasion, we thought we would look back at history. It's been so long since we started [...]

399: Alexandra Watkins, Choosing Brand and Product Names

About Alexandra Watkins Alexandra Watkins is the author of ‘Hello, My Name is Awesome’ and Chief Executive Boss Lady of ‘Eat My Words’, a branding firm specializing in names that make people smile instead of [...]

398: Will CX Become Winner Takes All?

The customer wins, the company wins, the team wins, everyone wins! That's the beauty of CX, and that's why it's important. In this episode, we talk about the latest research that suggests that successful CX [...]

November 2019

397: Steve Farber, Love is Good Business!

About Steve Farber We are here to talk about something that’s often forgotten in the world of business – love. We are joined by Steve Farber, the former Vice President of the legendary management guru [...]

396: Kill The Siloes!

In this solo episode with Jeannie Walters, she talks about siloes – the often discussed term in the business world, and especially in customer experience. They are such a vital problem today that we often [...]

395: Guy Marion, Subscription Economy Retention

About Guy Marion Guy Marion has a unique position to give us an inside scope of the retention and subscription industry. He talks a lot about how it works and what leaders can do to [...]

394: Do You Need A CX Think Week?

Thinking about thinking matters! It's not a weird concept, and it's not a tautology, it's a valid concept which we seem to have forgotten entirely. The world of today is so hectic and distracting that [...]

October 2019

393: Antony Brydon, AI Customer Service

About Antony Brydon Artificial intelligence (AI) is a big part of our world today, and it’s affecting customer experience as well. That’s why we are here today with our guest Antony Brydon to talk about [...]