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Ryan Minton is a customer service and employee experience expert, keynote speaker, author and the president of CRM hospitality and consulting. He has represented high profile brands such as Hilton Hotels Worldwide, Marriott International, Intercontinental Hotels Group, Ganette Ultimate Jet Charters, and the Cincinnati Reds.

As a hotel general manager, Ryan drove measurable customer service, employee engagement and financial results. Taking over a Marriott property, ranked in the bottom 25% for customer service, Ryan and his team increased guest satisfaction scores by 14%, moving the property to the top 3% of all properties in North America.

He also increased the employee opinion score by 10 points and the hotel was named one of Cincinnati’s best places to work by the Cincinnati Business Courier. His most cherished time is spent with his wife and their rescue dog, Rosie.

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This episode is all about showing up. We dive into a pretty interesting discussion about teamwork and leadership – and how that affects service. Listen as Ryan explains the inspiration behind his book title, Thanks For Coming In Today – and the reason why he still thanks employees for showing up every day.

“Really recognizing that someone in the team matters is something that we all need”

-Ryan Minton
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We also discuss the importance of leaders jumping in and rolling up their sleeves, being part of the team and being able to ask their employees “How can I help?”

There’s always opportunity and there’s always something somewhere, where you can jump in and make a positive impact

-Ryan Minton
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In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How Ryan came up with the title of his book, Thanks For Coming In Today
  • How a treasured member of Ryan’s team made HIM feel like he mattered
  • Why Ryan always keeps a pair of running shoes in his work bag
  • The story behind Ryan’s mop list

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