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Jeannie Walters CCXP explains how to find and leverage key moments we often overlook, but have a great emotional impact on how customers perceive and remember the customer journey.

Are you aware of the key moments in your customer journey?

Are you focused on the customer journey? I mean REALLY focused? Most business leaders say they are, but few dive deep enough to uncover the commonly overlooked moments that punctuate an otherwise great experience with negative emotions. On the other hand, these moments have the potential to delight customers and make a positive impression they’ll remember and talk about.

So when you think of customer experience on this scale, the customer journey is filled with these moments. How do you find them? How do you know if they matter? More importantly, how will you make them painless, then take the extra step to make them special?

Jeannie is recognized as the authority on Micro Moments, and she’s got you covered! In fact, Jeannie’s delivered her signature keynote on this subject live at TEDx, and she has some new insights with you!

This episode is loaded with powerful tips and examples of how these tiny moments can spell disaster for your customer journey, or create moments of delight with a few simple tweaks.

Customer emotions are fragile and fickle. But you have the power to fill the customer journey with positive emotions, every step of the way. So don’t blow it by focusing only on the big stuff.

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Share YOUR micro moments!

Have you identified any powerful Micro Moments in your customer journey, or as part of an experience you’ve had as a customer? Then share them with Jeannie! She loves hearing your stories and can’t get enough of ‘em!

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