In this podcast you will learn –

  •         How to personify your brand
  •         Rod Brooks of PEMCO Insurance
  •         How to create moments of delight around your product

Rod Brooks of PEMCO Insurance | Crack the Customer Code Podcast InterviewCreate Customer Personas

When Jeannie visited the PEMCO office, she was blown away by how they have created quirky profiles around their customers such that they can relate to them better.

Listen in to know more about creating personas around your customers.

Discussion begins at 2:00

Rod Brooks of PEMCO Insurance

Rod shares his story of how customer research helped PEMCO understand its neighbors and key insights on how to serve them better.

Find out more about how they created a mass campaign by creating moments of joy for their customers which resulted in 25,000 photo uploads and live engagements with 43,000 people.

Rod tells us how they create memorable moments for any visitor that came to their office. PEMCO wanted people to have an interaction with these touch points by staying true to their quirky persona.

PEMCO Insurance Photos

Listen in as Rod tells us how we can do innovative work to build a customer centric company.

Discussion begins at 4:50.

Customer Hero Customer Zero: Small Moments

Have you wondered how small businesses can create big moments for their customers?

Listen in to hear Jeannie talk more about “Pad & Quill”, which uniquely packages their product to create delight moments for their customers.

Discussion begins at 19:15.

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Guest Speaker / People

  • Rod Brooks, VP and Chief Marketing Officer at PEMCO Insurance. He helmed its marketing division in 1999 and in 16 years he has transformed PEMCO into a market-driven, customer centric business. Connect with Rod – Personal Website, Twitter, LinkedIn

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