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  • Do you need a customer experience manager?
  • Best-selling author Jeanne Bliss
  • How Netflix became a Customer Hero


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Do you really need a Customer Experience Manager?

Jeannie and Adam discuss the pros and cons of adding a specific role around customer experience. Is it really necessary to make change? Or is it just adding to the bureaucracy?  What’s happening in the C-Suite?

Discussion begins at 1:19.

Jeanne Bliss of Chief Customer Officer 2.0 Podcast InterviewJeanne Bliss, Author, Chief Customer Officer 2.0

Jeanne discusses the 5 Competencies for a Customer-Driven Growth Engine which she outlines and explains in her new book.

Jeannie asks Jeanne about what it really means to honor a customer. This is a great discussion about what really makes an honorable experience for customers and companies alike.

Jeanne’s been a Chief Customer Officer for organizations like Land’s End and Allstate, so hearing her perspective is a unique opportunity to understand how this role continues to evolve.

Discussion begins at 5:09.

Customer Hero, Customer Zero: Netflix moved from Zero to Hero

A soldier’s complaint to Netflix about charges while he was overseas led to a really awful response from a customer service representative. It was a terrible viral story about how this serviceman was treated so poorly.

Netflix turned this incredibly disappointing situation around by reaching out directly to the customer, dismissing the customer service rep and offering long-term solutions.

Jeannie & Adam discuss how swift action can help organizations recover.

Discussion begins at 16:52.

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