• Is everyone driven by convenience?
  • Diane Magers, from AT&T, discusses making change in a huge organization
  • Why department stores need to catch up


How important is convenience for customers?

Diane Magers of AT&T Podcast InterviewDetermining how to make things easier and more convenient is all about understanding your customer’s real goals. And what about the impact on society if everything becomes TOO convenient?

Convenience is about offering choices. But what about business decisions that may have a negative impact on a small group of customers? There are so many things that a retail store owner needs to think about. The customers need to have a positive experience and they need to be served efficiently. One of the best ways to ensure a customer has a positive experience in store is by using POS systems (more info here) to ensure customers can have a more personalized transaction. This should help them to have a better experience in the store.

Discussion begins at 1:20.

Diane Magers, Office of the Customer, AT&T

Diane Magers has more than 20 years of building and growing CX focus. Diane’s demonstrated leadership abilities helps organizations design and execute strategies to drive customer obsession with targeted business results. Currently with AT&T’s Office of the Customer, she is building and executing programs to drive change in their culture, systematically embed CX, and strategically drive CX innovation.

Diane shares some of the unique challenges of balancing the pressures of finance and customer-centric mindsets at a global and massive organization like AT&T.

Listen in to hear how Diane and her team are shifting minds and hearts. It’s sure to inspire anyone who feels their executives don’t “get it.”

Discussion begins at 8:58.

Customer Hero, Customer Zero: The Demise of the Department Store

Jeannie rants about why the department store experience needs to catch up. They’ve lost their luster and sales are declining even as retail numbers are increasing.

Nordstrom is leading the pack because of their personalized service, but the others need to realize it’s not shopping of yesteryear, it’s a new experience today!

Then Adam has the nerve to disagree with her!

Discussion begins at 21:17.

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Guest Speaker / People

  • Diane Magers holds an M.S. in Clinical Psychology and an MBA. She is a Certified Customer Experience Professional (CCXP), and Promoter Score (NPS), Voice of Customer (VoC) and Customer Experience Management (CEM) certified. Additional affiliations include CXPA (founding member), LUMA Institute, Board member for CXPA Certification and active volunteer for the Autism Society of America, Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and the American Heart Association. She resides in Dallas with her family. Connect with Diane on Twitter LinkedIn


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