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What’s the Future of Customer Experience?

Before sharing the insights gathered from the customer experience leaders at the CXPA Insight Exchange, Jeannie challenged Adam with the same questions.

  • What is the future of customer experience?
  • And why, after so many years of discussing customer experience as a priority, are so many organizations still getting it so wrong?

Will we have a better understanding of omnichannel? Will we figure out the right way to incentivize the right behavior? These are some of the questions Adam and Jeannie discuss.

Discussion begins at 1:25.

Insights from the CXPA Podcast InterviewInsights from Customer Experience Leaders

While at the Customer Experience Professionals Association Insight Exchange, Jeannie asked several business leaders about their thoughts for the future of customer experience and the ways we’re still not getting it.

Listen in for some unique perspectives from several leaders, including:

Lesley Lykins, Director of Member Engagement with the CXPA

“It’s hard. I think it’s challenging. It takes passionate people. Not everyone is going to have that passion when they come into a company.” “Everybody knows it’s the right thing to do.”

Mohamed Latib, CCO at PeriscopeIQ

“Start building a fabric with all the different threads…”

Parrish Arturi, Senior Vice President for Integrated Service, Fidelity Investments

“There’s a difference between aspiration and making it happen…”

Tabitha Dunn, Vice President of Customer Experience, Concur, an SAP Company

“It’s all about change, change, and more change!”

Bruce Temkin, Managing Partner & Customer Experience Transformist, The Temkin Group

“The future is bright!”

Barbie Fink, Principal Customer Experience Transformation Leader

“Humans are completely complex!”

Jennifer Maldonado, Senior Business Analyst, Activision

“You can never overcommunicate.”

Michelle Morris-Freet, Associate Director of Client Experience, Crowe Howath

“I see a big boom in tying client feedback with business intelligence.”

Kim Proctor, Customer Experience Consultant

“We are still living in a very old business model.”

Discussion begins at 5:11.

Thank you to all of the pros who shared these valuable insights with me at the CXPA Insight Exchange!


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