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  • Zappos innovates again with holacracy
  • Arizona Diamondbacks CEO Derrick Hall invigorates the baseball fan experience
  • Why we hate fine print!

Derrick Hall of Arizona Diamondbacks Podcast InterviewWill Zappos win with non-traditional management?

Zappos is in the news once again for implementing a management concept called holacracy. This concept throws out the idea of managers as decision-makers. Decision making is distributed through self-organizing teams instead of a traditional pyramid hierarchy.

Adam wonders about how this will be handled from a human resources perspective. Jeannie raises lots and lots of questions about this idea, including how different generations might respond to this.

And finally…how will this affect the customer experience?

Discussion begins at 1:12.

Derrick Hall, President and CEO, Arizona Diamondbacks

Jeannie has a special interview with Derrick Hall, one of the most innovative and respected leaders in Major League Baseball. Derrick sat down with Jeannie at the CXPA Insight Exchange in San Diego in May, where he was one of the keynote speakers.

Jeannie asks Derrick about why all leaders have to fail, how to help employees push the envelope and take chances, and still meeting business needs.

Jeannie Walters Interviews Derrick Hall of the Arizona Diamondbacks for Crack the Customer Code Podacast

Jeannie does her best “Katie Couric” with Derrick Hall of the Arizona Diamondbacks

Listen in to hear this unique opportunity to hear about innovation, talent management and the customer experience in one of the world’s most popular sports.

Huge thanks to Derrick for making time for us at the Insight Exchange!

Discussion begins at 5:40.

Customer Hero, Customer Zero: Fine Print Is Never a Hero

Adam graciously says fine print is a necessity, but the way it’s used is the problem.

Jeannie says it’s misleading and hiding things from customers!

Hear about some of the times Jeannie & Adam have been frustrated by the tiny words!

Discussion begins at 17:26.


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  • Considered by many to be among the leaders of the game, D-backs President & CEO Derrick Hall has turned the organization into a model franchise within the sports industry and throughout the business world during his nine years at the helm of the club. Hall focuses the organization’s efforts in five areas he has called the “Circle of Success” – fan experience, performance, community, culture and financial efficiency – each of which has seen tremendous growth during his tenure. Connect with Derrick on Twitter | Instagram
  • Fine Print Is Inevitable; Bait and Switch Is Not


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