Uber Disrupts and Chicago Cabbie

Uber and Lyft disrupt a long-standing and regulated industry

How Rashid Temuri, aka @chicagocabbie, has earned loyalty through providing exceptionally great service!

Rashid, Adam and Jeannie discuss big questions around safety, regulation and experience

Rashid Temuri aka Chicago Cabbie | Crack the Customer Code Podcast InterviewHow Did Uber and Lyft Disrupt the Long-Standing Taxi Industry?

Adam and Jeannie discuss how services like Uber have completely disrupted an entire industry. They argue how the customer service bar was too low (and still is) for the regulated services, wheras Uber has an advantage when it comes to fleet management options. Customers were willing to switch because the experience offered was so much better.

But is there room for both? And is perception what creates the customer experience or does customer experience drive perception?

Discussion begins at 1:50.

Rashid Temuri, aka Chicago Cabbie, the social media driver

Buckle up for a great discussion…Rashid Temuri created a loyal customer base by getting to know them (and letting them get to know him) through social media. His unique approach to customer service earned his Twitter stream a story on CNN!

Rashid, Jeannie and Adam discuss the tension between the regulated taxi industry and the unregulated services like Uber.

Is there a way these alternative transportation services can co-exist? And what does the disrupter mean to the cab drivers?

Discussion begins at 7:31.

Customer Hero, Customer Zero

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  • Rashid Temuri is known as @ChicagoCabbie. He has been driving professionally for over 20 years and started his social media cabbie career 4 years ago. Thank to social media, mainly Twitter, Rashid has his own car service now. Connect with Rashid on Twitter | About.Me

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