• Customer journey maps
  • How Citrix’s Justin Zacks uses design thinking in customer experience
  • How Amazon Prime Now is changing the game (again)

Customer Journey Mapping Pros and Cons

Justin Zacks of Citrix | Crack the Customer Code Podcast InterviewJeannie lays out what customer journey mapping is, and Adam and Jeannie discuss the ways this important tool can be used to better understand your customers. 

Asking what the customer goes through today in reality versus the ideal journey you’d like them to have can be enlightening! But creating a beautiful and compelling visual representation of a customer journey map is sometimes not enough to lead to real action. 

Discussion begins at 1:57.

Justin Zacks, Customer Experience Design Team Leader at Citrix

Justin discusses how design thinking and other user-centered design processes can lead to better customer experiences.

Justin & Jeannie discuss how empathy can help you understand your customers and their actual problems. Justin shares how design thinking is now integrated into new hire trainings and employee training programs. How do you drive and enact real business results from outside-in thinking?

Find out how competitive journey mapping created really positive results for Citrix, but also quite an awkward moment with a competitor!

Discussion begins at 8:00.

Customer Hero, Customer Zero: Amazon Prime Now offers delivery in as little as two hours!

How can they do this? Adam brings up the laws of physics!

Hint: It’s not drones…yet. But it’s shaking up the marketplace again.

Discussion begins at 19:26.

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