Today, we have a special episode. Adam’s new book Be Your Customer’s Hero launched this week, and Jeannie turns the table on Adam and places him in the interview hot seat for the entire episode!

Be Your Customer’s Hero Interview

Adam Toporek Be Your Customer's Hero Podcast InterviewHere are some of the highlights from the interview:

  • Why did Adam write Be Your Customer’s Hero? Adam shares a story about watching an employee mistreat a customer and how his passion to change that eventually grew into the book.
  • Why mindset is so fundamental to customer service, why ex-Disney employees have a leg up interviewing with him, and how even good people can deliver bad service when they haven’t been given a customer-centric mindset.
  • Why the right customer service language must be coupled with a genuine effort to serve.
  • Why astronauts have competence and confidence and how frontline employees can get it, too.
  • How to handle challenging customers, emotional reactions in difficult service situations, and why picturing your customer running down the street being chased by a bat can be effective.
  • What is “Smart Empowerment,” why it’s important, and how Adam empowered his employees and changed his service delivery significantly.
  • What it means to be your customer’s hero and how it’s not about creating viral-worthy experiences.

Interview begins at 1:15.

Bonus Section

Also, as a special bonus, Adam shares the results from CTS Service Solutions’ recent survey of 425 retail workers and some of the crazy answers to the question, “what is the meanest thing a customer’s ever said to you?”

Also, find out what Patrick Swayze has to do with customer service.

Bonus begins at 14:33.


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