A rockin’ episode about financial services and a live interview from SXSW Interactive…

  • Financial services may have a few things to improve in their digital experiences
  • How TripIt’s Amy Jackson listens to customers
  • Updated Van Gogh exhibit helps patrons feel closer than ever to the artwork

Amy Jackson of TripIt | Crack the Customer Code Podcast InterviewCustomer Experience Rates Drop Worldwide

Thanks to the 8th Annual World Insurance Report from CapGemini, we learned how the service experience is declining worldwide. Specifically, the digital and mobile experiences in financial services are simply not keeping up with customer expectations around these channels. Listen in to hear about how the in-person channel is also failing omnichannel expectations.

Discussion begins at 1:44.

Interview with Amy Jackson of TripIt

Amy Jackson, Senior Director of Brand Strategy and Consumer Marketing, TripIt from Concur (interview from the TripIt Lounge at South By Southwest Interactive!)

Amy discusses how listening to customers who use their product on an almost daily basis helps TripIt improve their product using the most important insights.

Amy and Jeannie also hypothesize about what’s next for the travel experience. (It’s all about making it easier for the traveler!)

Find out how the philosophy of “traveler first” also helped develop permission requirements and a new partnership between TripIt and the Auckland airport could lead to more ease for the traveler.

Discussion begins at 5:51.

Customer Hero, Customer Zero

Interactive art exhibit Van Gogh Alive! shows off Vincent van Gogh’s artwork in ways that are new and breaking attendance records!

Discussion begins at 16:25.

People, Places, and Things from the Podcast:


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