• How PR & Marketing set up the customer experience
  • What Shonali Burke, PR maven, has to say about the intersection of PR and experience
  • Customer Hero: AMC creates a rich and interactive experience for The Walking Dead viewers and fans

Shonali Burke of Waxing Unlyrical | Crack the Customer Code Podcast InterviewHow Public Relations and Marketing Set Up the Customer Experience

The messages created about products, services and brands set expectations for customers. This can go both ways in helping brands over-deliver or under-deliver on the experience.

Adam & Jeannie discuss the high-brow movies of Die Hard and Snakes On A Plane as illustrations of setting expectations.

Discussion begins at 1:58.

Shonali Burke, President & CEO of Shonali Burke Consulting

Shonali discusses what to do when a terrible customer service story results in horrible PR. She covers why we’re all reporters now, how fast everything moves and why saying sorry is vital to recovery.

Find out about Shonali’s approach to social PR to build a team of champions who are engaged and motivated to share your brand through word-of-mouth. And what do you think about modern day publicity stunts? Shonali has some great opinions about how these can be done well (or not.)

It doesn’t hurt that Shonali has a lovely accent!

Discussion begins at 5:39.

Customer Hero, Customer Zero: AMC’s multi-screen approach to their show The Walking Dead is a Customer Hero!

AMC is producing an interactive experience with every episode. With their Story app, a show after the show to discuss the show, and including fans throughout the journey! Using lots of interactivity, AMC is creating a very rich experience for viewers AND this serves their goals, too.

Discussion begins at 20:24.

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