In this episode you will hear:

  • How social selling doesn’t work for Generation Z
  • How Tom Martin, author of The Invisible Sale, encourages seducing instead of selling on social
  • How a dating app based on snap judgments is a Customer Zero, but not for the reasons you might think

Tom Martin, author of The Invisible Sale | Podcast InterviewSocial Selling for Generation Z

Jeannie schools Adam on Generation Z, which doesn’t stand for zombies! This group rejects advertising and lazy marketing like no other generation. Smart brands are connecting in creative ways.

Gone are the days where brands could print the same leaflets, post them through doors, and put no effort into who they advertise to. Gen Z have higher standards than that. Brands who use traditional marketing methods need to ensure they’re only just the best resources and practices. From embelished print, sleek brochure design, and free merchandise, there are lots of strategies they can use to improve their marketing efforts. For those who advertise online, they need to ensure they’re optimizing who they target, are using A/B testing, and keep on top of the latest trends.

Listen in on how brands like Disney and Marriott are tapping into this market by empowering their peers with very few rules!

Discussion begins at 1:13.

Tom Martin, Author of Tom addresses social selling and how most brands aren’t getting it right! With illustrations like Dilbert cartoons and Whack-A-Mole, Tom discusses seducing instead of selling. If you want to know about social selling, Tom’s got the answers.

(And hear why Jeannie starts the conversation with a very sincere thank you for Tom’s book!)

Find out why you need to pack your patience for both long car trips and social selling.

Discussion begins at 6:51.

Customer Hero, Customer Zero

Tinder the dating app is a Customer Zero, but not for the reasons you might assume! They rolled out a premium model called Tinder Plus with more features, but their pricing strategy is driving Jeannie to call them out! They are charging for the same features but charging more for people 30 or older. It is no surprise that people are feeling excluded and moving to other sites, such as local sex finder, to find what they want.

Listen in to hear Adam ask if this is discretionary or discriminatory.

Discussion begins at 19:58.

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