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  • Gathering Customer Feedback Can Be More Than Difficult Than It Seems!
  • Mohamed Latib, COO of PeriscopeIQ
  • Customer Hero? Letting Your Auto Insurer Follow You Around

Interview with Mohamed Latib | Crack the Customer Code PodcastGathering Customer Feedback: Why Is It So Difficult?

There are so many ways to gather customer feedback, but do any of them work better than others?

Adam and Jeannie discuss how each organization needs to understand their goals in gathering feedback and how to best leverage the resources available. Listen in on how Adam and Jeannie view anecdotal feedback – they have strong opinions!

Discussion begins at 1:59.

Mohamed Latib, Co-Founder and COO of PeriscopeIQ

Mohamed discusses how to collect the best feedback from customers. Hear how Mohamed constructs efficient methodologies to get the best insights. Once all the data is collected, how can an organization understand what it means to be a “satisfied customer?”

Listen in to hear how Mohamed defines this and why Adam wants us to just flip a coin!

Interview begins at 5:45.

Customer Hero, Customer Zero: Progressive Insurance And OnStar Track Drivers for Discounts and Data

Jeannie defends why she is calling this program a Customer Hero. Progressive Insurance is allowing customers to opt in to this tracking program, opt in to when data is shared with Progressive and reward customers. What do you think?

Discussion begins at 13:06.

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