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  • When Bad Customer Service Can Still Yield Good Business Results
  • An Interview With Matt Ward of Art of the Kickstart
  • An NFL Team Makes an Impact with One Customer

Matt Ward from Art of the Kickstart | Crack the Customer Code Podcast InterviewCan Bad Customer Service Still Deliver Good Business Results?

Adam and Jeannie discuss how certain industries without as much competition don’t have to deliver great customer service but may need to change that in the near future.

Discussion begins at 1:37.

Matt Ward, Host of Art of the Kickstart Podcast and Blog

Matt works as a consultant, helping entrepreneurs and startups grow.

Matt discusses with Adam and Jeannie how successful crowdfunding campaigns involve customers early and often and how bigger companies can learn from them. Listen in to hear how crowdfunding helped open a butcher shop in Jeannie’s hometown. (And Matt offers some great discounts to Crack The Customer Code listeners!)

Interview begins at 3:52.

Customer Hero, Customer Zero: What Is the Goal? Maximizing Shareholder Value

Adam and Jeannie discuss the pervasive theory of maximizing shareholder value (whether that be for those who hold Inovio shares or shares in any other company) and how there’s a backlash when it doesn’t serve customers. There is always a way to balance the two interests, it just needs to be found. Speaking of, they also go over some more shareholder protection details and explain how a business can make sure its protected following the death of a shareholder.

Listen to how Adam and Jeannie break this theory down into why short-term returns might not be worth long-term loyalty. And how bad profits don’t add up.

Discussion begins at 13:02.

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