In this episode…

  • Should We Emulate the Service Greats?
  • An Interview With Jon-David aka Mafia Hairdresser
  • People Who Don’t Tip

Jon-David Mafia Hairdresser | Crack the Customer Code Podcast InterviewShould We Emulate the Service Greats?

Jeannie and Adam discuss the service greats and if others should emulate them. Jeannie says this kind of imitation can be a false way to present your organization. Instead, she thinks an organization should follow the path service greats like Zappo’s take and evolve with the marketplace and the customer.

Listen in to hear Adam discuss how The Ritz-Carlton $2,000 principle, not the number, can be useful.

Discussion begins at 1:12.

Interview with the Mafia Hairdresser,  Jon-David

Jon-David, also known as Mafia Hairdresser, is a Chicago hairdresser who wrote a book about his job with the Mob. He now consults using his eBook marketing and social media skills as well as his salon experience. 

Listen in to hear Jon-David discuss his one-of-a-kind Social Media Salon and how he got to know his customers through social media. 

Interview begins at 5:41.

Customer Hero, Customer Zero: Customers Who Don’t Tip

Adam and Jeannie discuss customers who don’t tip in industries where it’s expected. Jeannie shares a personal experience she had in the past with a customer that didn’t tip and how it can affect the server’s ability to deliver a great experience to the next customer.

Listen in to hear Jeannie and Adam’s thoughts on industries that are changing how they tip.

Discussion begins at 14:04.

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