In this episode…

  • Discussing CX Leadership Roles
  • Interview with Ingrid Lindberg
  • Towns Creating Improved Customer Experiences for Visitors

Ingrid Lindberg of Prime Therapeutics | Crack the Customer Code InterviewA Conversation about Customer Experience Leadership Roles

Adam and Jeannie discuss the many different customer experience leadership titles in organizations right now. Listen in to hear their thoughts on why it’s important for organizations to have a specific role focused on and dedicated to the customer.

Discussion begins at 1:15.

Interview with Ingrid Lindberg

Ingrid is the Chief Customer Experience Officer at Prime Therapeutics. Ingrid shares with us how she manages her busy workload and her position as a Customer Experience Officer.

Listen in to hear what she believes needs to change to get the C-Suite to become more customer focused.

Interview begins at 5:10.

Customer Hero, Customer Zero: How Competitive Retailers Cooperated to Improve Customer Experiences in Steamboat Springs

Adam shares with us what the ski resort town Steamboat Springs Colorado did to promote a positive experience for visitors. Listen in to hear how the town got together to invest in a better experience for their visitors.

Discussion begins at 13:15.

People, Places, and Things from the Podcast:

  • How To Expand Your C-Suite Without Creating Silos
  • Ingrid Lindberg: As chief customer experience officer at Prime Therapeutics (Prime), Ingrid C. Lindberg is responsible for developing and overseeing the implementation of the enterprise customer experience strategy, which addresses all matters related to how Prime engages and serves its customers. Her role within Prime is the first of its kind within the pharmacy benefit management industry and has been created to ensure Prime’s customers have the best pharmacy experience possible and that the voice of the customer is a driver within the decision making processes at Prime.  Twitter | LinkedIn
  • Steamboat Springs Colorado
  • Seattle Seahawks 12th man


Take care of yourself and take care of your customers.

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