In this episode…

  • Chipotle puts quotations on cups and bags
  • Interview with Rachel Happe
  • A good Samaritan abuses the Olive Garden Pasta Pass

Chipotle’s Cup and Bag Quotations

Rachel Happe | Podcast InterviewJeannie shares with us an interesting set of microinteractions Chipotle has invested in. She says that Chipotle has paid really good writers to write very short stories on their paper cups and paper bags.

Listen in to hear Adam and Jeannie weigh in on whether the ROI is worth the cost of the microinteraction.

Discussion begins at 1:01.

Interview with Rachel Happe

Rachel co-founded The Community Roundtable to support business leaders developing their community and social business strategies. Rachel enlightens us on who our community leaders are and their roles in business.

Listen in to hear to hear where Rachel finds the resistances on making community management a priority, and how she sees community management fitting in to the overall customer experience.

Interview begins at 4:37.

Customer Hero, Customer Hero: Abusing the Olive Garden Pasta Pass

Jeannie shares a story with us about Olive Garden. Listen in to hear about an incredible thing a man did with his never-ending Pasta Pass, and Olive Garden’s heroic response to his actions.

Discussion begins at 14.27.

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