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  • Stalking the Customer
  • Interview with Joni Williams
  • Customer Hero, Customer Zero: A Tale of Office Space

Stalking the Customer

Joni Williams of KSM Media Podcast InterviewAdam shares that he has an entire chapter in his upcoming book Be Your Customer’s Hero based on the idea of being a “helicopter rep.”

Listen in to hear some of the tips Adam and Jeannie share to avoid stalking the customer.

Discussion begins at 1:23.

Interview with Joni Williams

Joni is President of Kelly Scott Madison/ KSM and KSM South in Texas. Joni shares with us where she sees media going and how that fits into customer experience.

Listen in to hear what Joni has to share about over-promising and under-delivering.

Interview begins at 4:24.

Customer Hero, Customer Zero: A Tale of Office Space

Jeannie shares with us a customer zero she’s experienced.

Jeannie says, “It’s a great example of how if you don’t think about the entire experience, you could really miss out on really important interactions that your customers have.”

Discussion begins at 11:04.

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Take care of yourself, and take of your customers.


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