In this episode…

  • Communicating internally and its effect on customers
  •  Interview with Stan Phelps
  • The audience experience

Communicating Internally and its Effect on Customers

Stan Phelps of 9Inch Marketing Podcast InterviewJeannie discusses how an experience with a company she worked with made her realize that the way an organization communicates internally can affect the way an organization communicates externally to customers.

Listen in to hear Jeannie share three ways that will help people understand how they are communicating.

Discussion begins at 2:28.

Interview with Stan Phelps

Founder of 9 Inch and author of three books on customer service and employee engagement.

Stan shares the inspiration for the goldfish theme and the meaning behind the three different colors of the goldfish, which his books are titled after.

Hear Stan discuss the idea of lagniappe and ways you can provide your customers little extras.

Interview begins at 6:41.

Customer Hero, Customer Zero: The Audience Experience

Stan Phelps sticks around to talk about the audience experience.

Listen in to hear Adam, Jeannie, and Stan discuss audience experience as a metaphor for customer experience and to hear some of the tips presenters can adopt to make the audience experience better.

Discussion begins at 14:16.

People, Places, and Things from the Podcast:

Take care of yourself and take care of your customers.


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