In this episode…

  • Mobile customer experience and how businesses are succeeding or failing with it
  • Interview with Tabitha Dunn, Customer Experience leader at Citrix and Concur
  • Discussion about Sephora’s mobile integration

Mobile Customer Experience and How Businesses Are Succeeding or Failing with it

Tabitha Dunn of Citrix Podcast InterviewJeannie shares examples of organizations and industries that need to jump on the mobile bandwagon. She says customers are looking for something very specific when we are using our mobile phone to access websites.

Listen in to hear how Jeannie and Adam think organizations can improve the mobile customer experience.

Discussion begins at 1:53.

Interview with Tabitha Dunn

Tabitha shares how she’s been able to build a customer experience organization within a large organization when there was not a lot of buy-in, as well as the challenges of  adopting customer experience best practices.

Listen in to hear one piece of advice she would give to someone who is trying to improve customer experience within his or her company.

Interview begins at 4:46.

Customer Hero, Customer Zero: Sephora’s Mobile Integration

Jeannie shares with us how Sephora has reacted to how customers want to shop nowadays by embracing mobile integration.

Adam points out the challenges of mobile integration conflicting with traditional incentive structures.

Discussion begins at 13:03.

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