In this episode…

  • Wearables and the future of customer experience
  • Interview with Gini Dietrich
  • What to do when your CEO does not believe in customer experience

Wearables and the Future of Customer Experience

Gini Dietrich of Spin Sucks Podcast InterviewAdam and Jeannie share what wearables they are currently using—or not using, the future of Wearables, and how they will affect our experiences as customers.

Jeannie and Adam agree that the future of customer experience includes these gadgets!

Discussion begins at 1:27.

Interview: Gini Dietrich

Founder and CEO of Arment Dietrich, lead blogger at Spins Sucks and author of Spin Sucks the book. Gini discusses the future of PR and customer experience and how they blend. She says now the focus for PR is about making customers loyal through customer experience.

Listen in to hear about Gini’s barista boyfriend (don’t worry, her husband is totally okay with it.)

Interview begins at 5:38.

Customer Hero, Customer Zero:  When Your CEO Does Not Believe in Customer Experience

Jeannie shares her thoughts on what to do when your CEO does not believe in customer experience. She says she had an experience with a CEO of an organization who didn’t foster a customer-centric culture in his company.

Listen in to what Jeannie and Adam say you should do when you’re working for an organization whose leader doesn’t believe in customer experience.

Discussion begins at 14:14.

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