In this episode…

  • We discuss why Borders Bookstore failed and why others can learn from it
  • Interview with Bill Cusick (Jeannie’s brother) and author of All Customers Are Irrational
  • Healthcare customer service

Why Borders Bookstore Failed

ctcc_post-art_004_cusick-billJeannie and Adam talk about why Borders Bookstore failed and how other businesses can learn from its mistakes. Jeannie says the biggest mistake Borders made was that they were not keeping up with the times. When the e-book began to take hold, Borders thought its customers would remain loyal. Jeannie makes a point that customers are loyal—until they aren’t.

Adam explores a different angle. Listen in to hear why Adam thinks Borders should have actually made part of its customer experience more difficult.

Discussion begins at 1:06.

Interview: Bill Cusick

Vice President of Customer Service at Zurich, North America.

In the interview with Bill, Adam shares how Bill’s book, All Customers Are Irrational, played a part in Adam’s upcoming book on frontline customer service. In fact, Adam says that he based an entire chapter on the idea of customer irrationality.

Listen in to hear Bill explain to listeners what customer irrationality is, how organizations should adapt to this mindset, and how to measure customer satisfaction.

Interview begins at 7:06.

Customer Hero – Customer Zero: Healthcare Customer Service

Jeannie discusses how the healthcare industry is dropping the ball on the patient experience.  

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