In this episode…

  • Dealing with crazy customers
  • Interview with Mari Luangrath, owner of Foiled Cupcakes
  • How Southwest Airlines is listening to customers

Crazy Customers

Mari Luangrath, Foiled CupcakesAdam and Jeannie talk about crazy customers and how to work with them. Adam says one of the things you need to look out for is making it worse. Don’t say the wrong thing, listen to what is really bothering the customer, figure out what really matters, and then depersonalize.

Listen in to hear why Jeannie thinks customers are crazy to begin with and the rest of Adam’s tips for handling these customers.

Discussion begins at 2:09.

Interview: Mari Luangrath

Mari shares with us how she started her cupcake business with no storefront and built it solely using social media – a strategy which continues to this day! Mari tells how she uses social media as a competitive advantage and finds her target market using social media.

Listen in to hear exactly how Mari does this and how you can order some of her delicious cupcakes! 

Interview begins at 7:04.

Southwest Airlines

Jeannie discusses a new listening center Southwest is using to listen to what customers are saying and how Southwest is using it to more immediately respond to customers.

Listen in to hear about an experience Adam had with Southwest and how the company used a proactive approach to correct an issue he had during his flight.

Discussion begins at 18:14.

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Take care of yourself and take care of your customers.

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