In this episode…

  • An interview with Graeme Newell, expert in emotional marketing and President of 602 Communications.
  • Can you have great customer service but still have a bad customer experience? And what about the opposite?

Graeme Newell, 602 CommunicationsInterview: Graeme Newell

Graeme is an expert in emotional marketing. Graeme looks at the best advertisements being done all over the world and indexes those ads by emotional drivers that move people to love brands. In the interview, he shares some samples from his extensive library of advertising clips and analyzes how and why they work.

Listen in to hear the samples Graeme shared with us and to see if you can pick out the emotions the advertisement is trying to stir inside of you. And hear why Jeannie LOVES Sephora and Adam and Graeme were gloating about Black Friday!

Interview begins at 1:24.

Customer Hero, Customer Zero

Adam and Jeannie discuss a very important question organizations should be asking themselves: Can you have a great customer experience if you don’t have a great customer service or vice versa?

Listen in to find out what Adam and Jeannie think about giving great customer service but a not so great customer experience and vice versa.

Discussion begins at 16:54.

A Game for You

Can you spot the anachronism? An anachronism is something that is out of place in historical time, like when you see a character in a movie about the old west wearing a digital watch. Perhaps in this December 4th episode you will hear the Black Friday shopping day referred to in the future tense? Perhaps that is because we prerecorded this episode and then pushed our launch date. We’re not saying any of those things happened, but then again…

People, Places, and Things from the Podcast:

Graeme Newell: Researcher, speaker, and consultant who shows companies how to build fanatic customer loyalty. He is president of 602 Communications, a marketing, research, and consulting firm that specializes in emotional marketing. Click here to learn more about Graeme Newell and 602 Communications.


Take care of yourself and take care of your customers.

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