In this episode…

  • Why customers are so frustrated
  • An interview with Jackie Huba, author of Monster Loyalty: How Lady Gaga Turns Followers into Fanatics
  • Customer Zero – Can you tell someone customer service is easy while giving bad customer service?

Why Are Customers so Frustrated?

Jackie Huba Author of Monster LoyaltyThe Apple Store lady, as the media labeled her, is a lady that was extremely upset, slamming her hand on her baby stroller because her expectations were not met when arriving to the Apple store. In the video you can hear her shout, “I was told by Apple Care that I could walk in the store and get my part.” Jeannie and Adam weigh in on why she embodies how we all feel. 


Jeannie shares that in any customer forum we see the same thing over and over “you promised” and a lot of what we as people want is to feel heard when the promise is not delivered.

Discussion begins at 03:42.

Interview: Jackie Huba

Jackie shares with us that she was inspired to write Monster Loyalty first because of Lady Gaga’s music. But after looking past her music and noticing what she does with her fans, Jackie started adding Lady Gaga into her presentations and received really great feedback. When we asked Jackie what businesses can learn from Lady Gaga, her answer was simple, “make your customers feel like rock stars!” Moreover, she advises  businesses to focus on their “one percenters.” She says businesses have to focus on keeping the customers they have and get them talking about how they are doing a great job.

Make sure to listen in to find out what Jackie is doing with drag queens!

Interview begins at 07:21.

Customer Hero, Customer Zero

In this segment, we discuss organizations or people who are either Customer Heroes or Customer Zeroes. Today, we have a Customer Zero. Find out what happened when Jeannie traveled to London for a customer experience conference and had a not so good customer experience at Heathrow Airport.

Discussion begins at 15:20.

People, Places, and Things from the Podcast:

The Apple Store Lady – The viral Vine video of an upset lady when visiting an Apple store.

Jackie Huba – Jackie Huba is the author of Monster loyalty: How Lady Gaga Turns Followers into Fanatics. Connect with Jackie on her website, Twitter and Facebook.

Heathrow Airport – Where Jeannie experienced a customer zero experience.

Take care of yourself, and take care of your customers.

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