In this episode…

ctcc_post-art_000_welcomeListen in to Adam and Jeannie’s discussion of why they should start a new podcast – or not. It takes some wrangling, but Jeannie eventually convinces Adam to start a podcast with her. (Not exactly a spoiler – you already knew that!).

What makes this podcast different?

Adam and Jeannie bring unique lenses to the idea of customer service and customer experience. The blend of Adam’s real-world focus and Jeannie’s big picture view will prove a potent combination for listeners. Are you thinking about creating your own podcast? Starting a podcast is a unique way to start an online community and reach a large audience. By posting regular, engaging, and high-quality content, your podcast can be used to promote your products and services by providing information and entertainment. Above all, there are numerous techniques that need to be taken into consideration when producing and editing a podcast, so if you are thinking about launching a podcast of your own, then doing plenty of research is strongly recommended. Ultimately, competition in the podcasting industry can be fierce so it is crucial that you are able to make a strong impression from your first episode. Feel free to get in touch with any of your own podcasting tips as we would love to hear them!

Jeannie and Adam have decided that the podcast will…

  • Provide actionable content.
  • Be fun! No 19 point checklists.
  • Include interviews with innovative leaders of all kinds
  • Be short, usually 20-25 minutes in length. Who has time anymore?

People, Places, and Things from the Podcast:

Customers That Stick Blog: Adam’s customer experience blog

360 Connext: Jeannie’s customer experience blog.

Take care of yourself and take care of your customers.

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