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470: Dan Gingiss, The Experience Maker

Dan wants you to create a memorable experience for your customers, as that will turn you into an experience maker, which always leads to success. He has a lot of advice to give you on achieving this goal, how the pandemic has influenced a greater need for change, and so much more. You’ll see that all of this is possible, no matter the type of company you’re in.

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469: Frictionless vs. Memorable CX

Frictionless vs. memorable. Do you have to choose either, or can your business manage both? It's a tricky question to answer, especially since so few brands are successful at being both memorable and frictionless at the same time.

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468: Greg Lisiewski

The way we view the payment part of the customer journey needs to become another important part of what we look into in the customer experience segment. Greg has a lot of useful advice he can give you on why payments matter, what PayPal is doing to improve this segment, and so much more.

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467: How Location and Design Impact CX

Sometimes, customers can't reach a location, or they don't find the physical store attractive enough. Unfortunately, these problems that businesses face have reached new levels during the pandemic, so companies need to rethink their physical stores to attract their customers and improve their experience.

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Bonus Episode: Noa Danon

We’ve talked a lot about Artificial Intelligence (AI) on this podcast. But often we’re talking about it in a consumer-facing context. Our conversation with Noa Danon explores concepts that apply beyond the typical Business-to-Consumer (B2C) relationship. What's really interesting is how EverAfter uses the data they have to strengthen the relationship with Business-to-Business (B2B) customers, which can be really challenging.

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466: David Horsager

A term we use a lot in business and customer experience is 'confidence', but where does that confidence come from? It comes from trust. It's easy to forget how fundamental trust is to any relationship, including economic relationships. When we talk about the whole customer experience journey, we need trust to move forward with all elements of the customer experience. This is such an interesting topic to unpack.

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465: Customer Effort 2.0

The worst of the pandemic is behind us, but a big question arises: How tolerant are customers now? Or better said, are they more or less tolerant than they were before the pandemic?

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464: Theodora Lau

Theo has a lot of interesting opinions on how customer experience works and should work. She’ll also tell you how things are changing and how AI can help in customer experience.

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463: Pronouns and How to Use Them

Customer service agents are getting better at referring to people using gender-neutral pronouns, but this can always improve, and it should improve. Leaders need to take action and work on this so every customer can feel at ease when dealing with your company. 

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462: Shep Hyken

Shep Hyken shares why customers terminate their business with you and what you can do to increase your retention rates.

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