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454: The War Between Efficiency and Experience

The tension between customer service and efficiency creates many problems, and you'll hear about some interesting examples in this episode. What's more, Jeannie and Adam will discuss the possible solutions, so tune in if this age-old problem has been bothering you as well, so you can finally get rid of it.

By | April 6th, 2021|episodes|0 Comments

453: Chip Bell, Your Customer’s Imagination

Chip looks at customer experience differently than many do today. He is interested in the human stories and the service customers truly want to see, even if they don't ask for it. If you want to learn more about this compelling way of improving customer experience, and get a lot of practical advice, tune in, as this is not an episode you want to miss!

By | March 30th, 2021|episodes|0 Comments

452: The Customer Experience Goalposts Keep Moving

The 2021 Customer Expectations Report by Gladly is out, and Adam and Jeannie talk about some of the more interesting findings from it. These numbers are bound to influence your business, especially since the findings are significantly different than before, and yes, they are partly affected by the global pandemic.

By | March 23rd, 2021|episodes|0 Comments

451: Ramon Ray, Small Business Experience

Ramon Ray talks to us about how important customer experience is for small businesses and why technology is the biggest part of improving the experience today. Ramon explains how to determine which technology you need and gives you some advice he’s learned as a small business owner himself.

By | March 16th, 2021|episodes|0 Comments

450: Gain Insights Through Community

Do you know how valuable the insights gained from active communities can be? If you don't, then this is certainly the episode for you! Jeannie and Adam will discuss things that haven't been covered before yet are extremely important for CX, especially today.

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449: Ross Wainwright, Alida: Truth in Action

Managing cultural change is always challenging. Ross discusses the processes and hard decisions behind the transformation from Vision Critical to Alida.

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448: How Will Consumer Sentiment Affect CX in 2021?

There’s no going around the pandemic when we’re talking about CX, so it’s crucial for every business to consider what will return to normal and what will stay as it was for most of 2020.

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447: Steven Van Belleghem, The Offer You Can’t Refuse

Steven understands the nuances of customer experience and the small details many others tend to miss. He also knows how smaller companies can improve their customer experiences, so there's a lot of value you can gain from his words.

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446: Digital Customer Behavior

AI and machine learning are changing the game, and we are bound to see more benefits for the world of customer experience very soon. The current goal is to automate routine interactions and leave humans open to deal with the more complex ones.

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445: Christine Rimer, Learning from the Data

2020 changed a lot of things for both customers and customer experience leaders. Christine Rimer works with customer experience leaders and knows exactly what troubles them and how to help them.

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