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421: Michel Feaster, Journey-Centered Experiences

About Michel Feaster There is always a gap between theory and practice of the customer journey. Our guest, Michel Feaster, is here to talk about that very gap and how to close it. Her enterprise software career spans more than 20 years, with roles in sales, product, strategic marketing, and general management. She founded and [...]

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420: Focus on Fundamentals

A lot of the things in most industries have changed dramatically because of the new situation we have found ourselves in. One of those things are the fundamentals in customer service. While they might be applied differently, they will always remain the same. “It’s easy to forget that there are certain things in CX that [...]

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419: Dan Reese, Community and CX

About Dan Reese The online world has changed a lot since its inception. We now have a world where you can find a like-minded community online, no matter what your interests are. We talk about online communities with Dan Reese, the Chief Customer Officer at Higher Logic. The organization he works for is a software [...]

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418: Do We All Need New Journey Maps?

"When the landscape changes, you need new maps." This is a fact when it comes to customer journey maps and that's what we're here to talk about. And if the landscape hasn’t changed significantly since this whole crisis started, then we don’t know what has! “If you have that map in front of you, you’re [...]

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417: Bernadette Smith, Inclusive CX

About Bernadette Smith We recently spoke about lenses in a recent guest episode, and now Bernadette Smith is here to talk about the lenses through which we view each other. Bernadette started 14 Stories in 2004, an award-winning wedding planning firm that specializes in LGBTQ weddings. Her goal was to disrupt this mostly heteronormative industry [...]

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416: Measure For Insights, Not Just Metrics

How do you measure for insights and not only for metrics? What’s more, why is this a question when it stands to reason that insights from metrics should be more important than the metrics themselves? “Measurements and the way we measure things have become really important for business leaders.” Unfortunately, measurements have somehow become the [...]

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Bonus Episode: Ryan Lester, Digital Transformation for Today

About Ryan Lester Ryan Lester is here to talk about what’s happening with digital transformation, customer experience, and the strange times we’re experiencing. He knows the importance of caring for the customers but also for the teams that serve them. Ryan Lester is the Senior Director of Customer Experience Technologies at LogMeIn. Ryan is passionate [...]

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415: Stephen Shapiro, Invisible Solutions

About Stephen Shapiro Stephen Shapiro's new book is out called Invisible Solutions, and it's all about how we can approach problems and problem solving, something that's not often thought about. However, Stephen has thought about it a lot, and this is evident in the fact that there are as many as 25 lenses in his [...]

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414: Be Your Customer’s Hero

Adam talks about the upcoming fifth anniversary of Be Your Customer's Hero – Adam's book. For those who don’t know, his book is filled with some great techniques and tips for all of those looking to improve their customer service and become the brand their customers need. All of this advice is useful five years [...]

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413: Shep Hyken, The Cult of the Customer Revisited

About Shep Hyken Shep Hyken joins Adam and Jeannie in this episode to talk about the updated version of his book and to make cults cool again! Just kidding, his book is called The Cult of the Customer, and you'll learn what makes it a beneficial read for anyone in the CX-sphere. Shep Hyken is [...]

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