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490: Deon Nicholas, Human-Centered AI

Forethought is at the forefront of AI technology, and they are working on it with a genuine human approach. Their conversational AI is there to help both the customers and the customer service agents. Deon Nicholas has a lot to say about his company's solution, and he's also here with a special offer for all Crack the Customer Code listeners.

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489: Customer Health Score

Knowing how your customers are doing is the bare minimum of what companies can do with customer experience, but so many don’t succeed in that as they are focusing on bigger metrics. However, this knowledge is crucial in improving user experience, which is why the customer health score metric is an important figure to follow.

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488: Dr. Shirley Davis, Inclusive Leadership

Dr. Shirley Davis has a lot of fascinating insight to bring to you on how HR should work today, how cultural change can happen in a company, and much more. Most importantly, she has an interesting way of implementing diversity, equity, and inclusion into any organization. She talks about that in her new book, but you can also get some of those insights if you tune into this episode!

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487: Season Intro

Crack the Customer Code is back on the air! It's the start of a new season, and Jeannie and Adam are ready to help you solve your latest CX conundrums and bring a host of guests to share their valuable insights.

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486: Bourbon Summit, Season Finale

We've had a lot of guests this season and learned a lot of fascinating lessons on the future of CX, but more importantly, on what won't change in our industry. So, tune in to get a quick recap of what happened in this season and, of course, to learn about the bourbons Adam and Jeannie are drinking.

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485: David Sakamoto, The Power of Transparency

What does it mean to be authentic and transparent in customer and employee experience? More importantly, how does that work in practice? That's precisely what we are talking about with our guest David Sakamoto.

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484: Empathy and Leadership

In this episode, we will talk a little bit about empathy and its importance in business. It’s all because empathy plays a crucial role in improving your organization. There are specific connections between empathy and business results, and that’s precisely what we are here to unravel.

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483: Donna Cutting, Employees First!

Keeping employees motivated and having a sense of purpose is crucial in keeping them happy. It's even more crucial today in the era of the Great Resignation. Thankfully, Donna has some interesting suggestions in her upcoming book, but she'll also share some thoughts in our talk today. Even if your company doesn't sell a life-changing product, there are still ways to give every team member a sense of purpose.

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482: Focus on Government CX

It's clear that companies make more profit when they limit the ability of customers to repair their products. However, couldn't it be better to give them the ability to repair and reap the rewards of more loyal customers? Jeannie and Adam will talk about that in more detail and tell you all about CX, the right to repair, and how they go together, so make sure you tune in to the latest episode.

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481: Annette Franz, Built to Win

Who comes first in customer service? The customer or the employee? Or maybe both, even though that might sound impossible. Our guest, Annette Franz, is here to discuss that and give us the answers we all need.

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