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385: Bill Guertin, The Fan Experience

About Bill Guertin The sports fan experience is so much more than it used to be. Now it involves the game, the food, comfort at the stadium, and a lot more. It has changed significantly, and it's no longer only about seeing your favorite team win. On this episode we talk with Bill Guertin, a [...]

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384: Your Customer’s Ecosystem

Consider the ecosystem that your customers live in with your brand. While we often talk about customer journeys, we need to consider the context of that journey in a bigger ecosystem. Your customers are often satisfied with your service. Sometimes they are even genuinely loving it. However, that only happens because you've fulfilled their need. [...]

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383: Engaging Your Superfans

Jeannie and Adam recently attended the National Speakers Association 2019 Conference in Denver, Colorado where they had fun, learned new things, and brought back a valuable takeaway for business owners. What is the difference between a superfan and a promoter? Promoters promote you, but superfans will make sure you continue to be in the market [...]

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382: When Acronyms Escape

Do organizations overuse acronyms when talking to customers? Using acronyms internally is okay, but what happens when they escape and suddenly, customers use them? We discuss how organizations confuse customers and how organizations can improve customer conversation. “When you know your customers, you know where you need to over communicate. You may not always get [...]

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381: Julie Ann Sullivan, Catalysts of Culture

About Julie Ann Sullivan We welcome back Julie Ann Sullivan, a business culture expert, professional member of the National Speakers Association, Leadership Coach, and host of the Formerly Mere Mortals Unite podcast. The last time we had Julie Ann as a guest we loved her, and that is why we invited her back to talk [...]

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380: Bourbon Summit #3

Sometimes we all need to have some fun! Welcome to our third Bourbon Summit! For those not aware, it’s when we simply sit down, take a glass of our favorite bourbon, and relax. We don't know where the conversation will go, but that's precisely where the fun lies! Our conversation takes us to the realm [...]

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379: Allen Adamson, Shift Ahead

About Allen Adamson Allen Adamson has worked with a broad spectrum of consumer and corporate industries ranging from packaged goods and technology, to health care and financial services, to hospitality and entertainment, as well as brands in the non-profit sector. Given his perspective and depth of experience, Allen is able to help clients not simply [...]

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378: The Phrase That Kills CX

In this episode of Crack the Customer Code, Jeannie delivers some great insight and advice about improving customer experience. Every company has an established process when it comes to dealing with customers. When it comes to changing that process, there is often resistance alongside the attitude of “It’s always been done this way.” This phrase [...]

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377: Karen Jaw-Madson, Design of Work Experience

About Karen Jaw-Madson Organizational expert Karen Jaw-Madson enjoyed success as a corporate executive before pursuing a ‘portfolio career’ comprised of research, writing, consulting, teaching/speaking, and creative pursuits. As a versatile leader across multiple industries, Karen developed, led, and implemented numerous organizational initiatives around the globe. Today, this East Coast transplant to Silicon Valley (via Ireland [...]

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376: 5 Steps to Close the Loop with Customers

In this solo episode of Crack the Customer Code, Adam will talk to you about Closing the Loop with Customers, an essential part of offering the best customer experience – something you most certainly want to have with your customers. It goes for any industry or organization, so make sure you follow the steps. Each [...]

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