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476: Is CX Dead in Banking?

Customer experience and banking – an old topic, but one that needs to be discussed. Some would say that they go together and have to go together, and they point to many trends that might be able to prove this point. Others would say quite the opposite, and you can already guess where Adam and Jeannie stand.

By | February 8th, 2022|episodes|0 Comments

475: Brad Cleveland, Leading the Customer Experience

Some might not believe it, but there is still a debate between customer experience and customer service, even though the former includes the latter. The first guest of the new season, Brad Cleveland, has a lot to say about the role of customer service in CX.

By | February 1st, 2022|episodes|0 Comments

474: Season Intro

Welcome back to Crack the Customer Code! With so many changes in the world of customer experience, expect the upcoming season to be jam-packed with important knowledge, insights, and opinions you’ll want to hear.

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473: Bourbon Summit, Season Finale

e Crack the Customer Code shop is closing for the season, and we have another Bourbon Summit for you. Another season might be ending, but Jeannie and Adam still have a few more surprises.

By | October 28th, 2021|episodes|0 Comments

472: Marlanges Simar, Prime Therapeutics

It's incredibly challenging being the CX leader, especially when you're always looking for support from the rest of the organization. That's why the advice Marlanges has is so powerful and energizing. More importantly, it's bound to help any CX leader out there.

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471: When the Frontline is the Last to Know

It's crucial now more than ever to keep your employees in the loop not only for the customers but also for the workers' morale. You can only create more problems for the entire company if you don't, which is why Jeannie and Adam will discuss how to solve this widespread issue.

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470: Dan Gingiss, The Experience Maker

Dan wants you to create a memorable experience for your customers, as that will turn you into an experience maker, which always leads to success. He has a lot of advice to give you on achieving this goal, how the pandemic has influenced a greater need for change, and so much more. You’ll see that all of this is possible, no matter the type of company you’re in.

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469: Frictionless vs. Memorable CX

Frictionless vs. memorable. Do you have to choose either, or can your business manage both? It's a tricky question to answer, especially since so few brands are successful at being both memorable and frictionless at the same time.

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468: Greg Lisiewski

The way we view the payment part of the customer journey needs to become another important part of what we look into in the customer experience segment. Greg has a lot of useful advice he can give you on why payments matter, what PayPal is doing to improve this segment, and so much more.

By | September 28th, 2021|episodes|0 Comments

467: How Location and Design Impact CX

Sometimes, customers can't reach a location, or they don't find the physical store attractive enough. Unfortunately, these problems that businesses face have reached new levels during the pandemic, so companies need to rethink their physical stores to attract their customers and improve their experience.

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