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395: Guy Marion, Subscription Economy Retention

About Guy Marion Guy Marion has a unique position to give us an inside scope of the retention and subscription industry. He talks a lot about how it works and what leaders can do to improve their retention. Companies are much better off today by having a net retention that shows their customers will pay [...]

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394: Do You Need A CX Think Week?

Thinking about thinking matters! It's not a weird concept, and it's not a tautology, it's a valid concept which we seem to have forgotten entirely. The world of today is so hectic and distracting that it's no wonder most of us rarely just sit down to think. You can sit to think about what you've [...]

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393: Antony Brydon, AI Customer Service

About Antony Brydon Artificial intelligence (AI) is a big part of our world today, and it’s affecting customer experience as well. That’s why we are here today with our guest Antony Brydon to talk about how it affects customer experience, how it’s changing the current game, and how it’s giving us a glimpse into the [...]

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392: Don’t Let Contractors Ruin Your Customer Experience

The freelancer or contractor economy has risen with great might and has started to influence the overall customer experience in different ways. From the way it limits the delivery of excellent customer experience, to how it creates new and vital opportunities. In essence, there are both good and bad sides to this change. However, one [...]

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391: Max Israel, Art + Science of CX

About Max Israel Max Israel is founder and CEO of Customerville, the design-driven customer feedback platform. Customerville blends technology with art and behavioral science to make customer experience surveys richly engaging, for customers and employees who receive the feedback. Surveys – we all get them. Companies send about a quarter of a trillion of them [...]

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390: 3 Ways to Be More Customer Centric

Today's episode of Crack the Customer Code is a short one. Adam is flying solo at the moment, but he has a lot to say about being customer-centric. Adam shares the three main tactics that you should use more in your company to become more customer-centric. “No one is closer to the customer other than [...]

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389: Tiffani Bova, Growth IQ

About Tiffani Bova Tiffani Bova is the Global Customer Growth and Innovation Evangelist for Salesforce and the author of the Wall Street Journal bestseller Growth IQ: Get Smarter about the Choices That Will Make Or Break Your Business. Previously she was VP, Distinguished Analyst and Research Fellow, with Gartner "People will make the effort to [...]

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388: The Tech Leader’s Role in CX

Customer experience is continuously evolving today. What's more, the use of technology goes hand in hand with it. As a direct consequence of this, the role of the chief technology officer or the CTO is completely changing. That's not affecting only a couple of company types, but all of them. With all of these changes, [...]

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387: Stan Phelps Talks Pink Goldfish

About Stan Phelps Our guest today is Stan Phelps, a long time friend, who is once again joining us on the show. We are going to continue our talk about the goldfish series. Today, it's time for the Pink Goldfish, his and co-author Dave Rendall's latest book. But what is the pink goldfish? It’s all [...]

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386: Is the Customer Journey Dead?

Is the customer journey dead? According to an article in CMS Wire titled The Customer Journey is Over, it is. However, is that truly the case? Is the customer journey surely over, or is the article just an inflated with a catchy title? Or maybe it's something completely different... “The customer journey is not dead; [...]

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