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We’ve talked a lot about Artificial Intelligence (AI) on this podcast. But often we’re talking about it in a consumer-facing context. Our conversation with Noa Danon explores concepts that apply beyond the typical Business-to-Consumer (B2C) relationship. What’s really interesting is how EverAfter uses the data they have to strengthen the relationship with Business-to-Business (B2B) customers, which can be really challenging. There are benefits for both customers, who receive more personalized experiences, AND for employees, who have a simpler way to serve them.

About EverAfter

When you work in B2B, you have many customer-facing people like pre-sales, account managers, onboarding and implementation, but they’re not always part of the product or service that the company is selling. For example, you could have a customer success manager who is talking to a new customer who is not necessarily the power user of that organization.

EverAfter provides a platform (a customer hub) to effortlessly connect customers to the right departments at the right stage of their journey, so that teams have ​​the resources and the tools they need to facilitate a great customer experience.

It’s so personal when it’s business to business because you build relationships very consistently. Sometimes you communicate more often. EverAfter collects behaviour data from different stages of the relationships to provide insights that are person-centric, and not just organization-centric.

The customer experience and product experience should be in one place, you are selling a technology and a service. It should go together.

– Noa Danon

About Noa Danon

Noa Danon, Co-Founder and CEO of EverAfter, has extensive experience leading Product and User Experience teams. Before founding EverAfter, Noa was the Head of Product at Behalf, a Fintech startup. Her previous position was with HP. As part of her army duty, she served as a developer in the Israeli Air Force.

Noa’s vision for the product was heavily influenced by her experiences as a product manager, where she observed the disconnect between the user and product experience. EverAfter was created exactly to meet that need, allowing companies to personalize the customer experience beginning with the initial contract all the way through renewal and expansion.

“When you have a tool for collaboration, it unifies the customer experience.”

– Noa Danon

Key Takeaways From The Interview

  • Onboarding Is Key. Client onboarding, particularly for Software-As-A-Service (SaaS) and B2B organizations, is the most crucial part of the customer journey. Onboarding is really about empowering and educating customers to get the most out of your product. A good onboarding program should be…
    • Impressive. Onboarding is your client’s first glimpse at your organization and what they can expect the relationship to look like going forward. You truly never get a second chance to make a first impression, and it is essential that your onboarding be designed to maximize this key moment of truth.
    • Personalized. You need to understand where the business is now, where they are trying to get to, who is involved, who is making the decision, and how many resources they have.
    • Effortless. It’s important to make clear to the client what they need to do, how they do it, where they do it, and who should do it. You also want to be clear about when it is done.
  • Scalability Is Essential. You want to create a structure that allows you to repeat the process every time. If you have a new Customer Success Manager (CSM) or Onboarding Manager, you need to be able to give them everything they need to make the next kick-off call a success. When a team is growing and there is so much to learn, you need a way to train people really quickly and give them the knowledge they need to make sure that the client onboarding delivers the experience you want and the client deserves.
  • Transparency Must Be Part of the Process. When you have a tool for collaboration, it unifies the customer experience with the product experience. The customer can go to one place to find everything they need, and they feel like they have everything they need. It feels transparent and gives customers a sense of confidence.

Artificial intelligence provides the right data at the right moment so CSM’s and others can serve customers in a personalized, yet scalable, way. The CSM’s understand the customer, the product, the journey, and how to deliver to keep everyone and everything aligned.

Noa shares how she saw a problem that needed solving and how better technology can create better experiences. Listen in for a great founder’s story, how B2B experiences can be even more personal than B2C ones, and what Noa is excited about for the future of customer experience.

Listen in to the episode for more great information, such as…

  • How EverAfter came to life
  • Why having a central collaboration space can be crucial for the business relationships
  • What are the keys to the onboarding process that companies should focus on


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