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428: Are COVID Surcharges Good or Bad CX?

Companies have already started adding surcharges because of COVID-19. Companies, especially restaurants, are adding these surcharges as they believe it’s a way to recuperate some of their losses. Naturally, some customers are OK with this, but others aren’t. Are these surcharges good or bad for CX? “Any type of extra charge is always a customer [...]

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427: Michel Falcon, Post-Pandemic Restaurant Experience

About Michel Falcon It’s a tough time for the restaurant industry right now, and Michel Falcon is here to truly open up about it, and lead a conversation we all need to hear. He is an entrepreneur, international keynote speaker, and author who leverages his People-First Culture philosophy to create customer experience, employee engagement, and [...]

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426: The New Normal for B2B

"The new normal." We keep hearing this phrase all the time, and we're all using it as well. It's perfectly reasonable as the new crisis has changed everything for most industries, but we're rarely focusing on one very important part – the B2B market. How is the new normal affecting B2B? "Even before the pandemic, [...]

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425: Donna Cutting, Rolling Out the Red Carpet for Customers

About Donna Cutting How do you roll out the red carpet for your customers? It's the type of customer service every customer wants, and Donna Cutting is here to talk about how you can manage it. She is the founder and CEO of Red Carpet Learning Systems, a training firm that helps organizational leaders build [...]

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424: 5 New Considerations for the Remote Work Era

The remote work era is here to stay, and this has become perfectly clear during the last few months. But there are still important things you need to consider. “We’ve seen a shift, one that’s going to have some permanence to it in certain areas.” There are five new considerations in this new world of [...]

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423: David Priemer, The Sales Experience

About David Priemer Even though the relationship between sales and customer experience is tightly bound, we still treat them as two different things. This is precisely what we are here to discuss with David Priemer, who is widely recognized as a thought leader in sales and sales leadership. He was published in the Harvard Business [...]

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422: Lessons from a Joint Virtual Keynote

2020 has been tough, there's no going around it, but Adam and Jeannie have one small silver lining – they got to present twice! The second time was virtual, and they got to present together, which enabled them to learn a lot about virtual presentations. "When you’re doing a digital event, you have to understand [...]

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421: Michel Feaster, Journey-Centered Experiences

About Michel Feaster There is always a gap between theory and practice of the customer journey. Our guest, Michel Feaster, is here to talk about that very gap and how to close it. Her enterprise software career spans more than 20 years, with roles in sales, product, strategic marketing, and general management. She founded and [...]

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420: Focus on Fundamentals

A lot of the things in most industries have changed dramatically because of the new situation we have found ourselves in. One of those things are the fundamentals in customer service. While they might be applied differently, they will always remain the same. “It’s easy to forget that there are certain things in CX that [...]

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419: Dan Reese, Community and CX

About Dan Reese The online world has changed a lot since its inception. We now have a world where you can find a like-minded community online, no matter what your interests are. We talk about online communities with Dan Reese, the Chief Customer Officer at Higher Logic. The organization he works for is a software [...]

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