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338: Danny Schuman, The Worst Business Model

Adam and Jeannie discuss how to overcome the pitfalls and challenges of developing a business model around entrepreneurship with Danny Schuman, author of “The Worst Business Model” and founder of Twist. […]

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337: Is Chat Better than Phone for Customer Service?

Adam and Jeannie explore the decline of people using the phone for customer service and how to know if chat is better for you and your customers. […]

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336: Joshua March, Social Media Messaging

Joshua March, bestselling author and Founder of Conversocial, shares how social media messaging helps create better customer experiences while cutting customer service costs. Social media messaging has evolved to become another tool that allows businesses to connect with their customers, enhancing their customer experience. Some businesses have gone as far as using instant messaging services similar to WhatsApp and ICQ (learn more about and download icq here) to improve their customer journey. For many businesses, social media has become the new way of marketing. These social media platforms help companies to interact and engage with their customers easily, whether that be through Tiktok, Instagram, or any other platform. No wonder people look to The Small Business Blog and other sources for advice on how to approach these different areas so they can get into direct contact with their target audience. Of course, before you can consider interacting with your customers, you need to build an online presence first. To begin building their audiences, many companies will purchase some followers to get their account going. If you’re looking to do something similar, you could use nitreo for your insta. That should help you to build your Instagram account, ensuring that more people follow it and engage with your posts. Producing compelling content and choosing the right growth service can have significant effects on the reputation of your Instagram account. There are plenty of companies that provide growth services, like Kenji, for example (read about kenji.ai here) that tend to use diverse tools to increase the reach of your content through organic engagements and interactions. From there, it’s likely that you’ll be receiving more direct messages and questions through social media. This would further give you an idea on how you can calculate engagement levels and improve on it to bring in more followers or customers to your social media page! Before using these sorts of tools it’s always wise to research them online first and read their reviews in case they are not worth investing in. For example, one controversial Instagram tool called Kicksta were reviewed recently and you can find it online. Having said this, social media is mainly positive for your business. Social media is one of the best ways to interact with your customers, so be sure to create social media platforms. If you’re not looking to use social media for business purposes but rather to get in touch with a diverse range of people around the world to discuss a plethora of interesting subjects, you may want to check out platforms like Speakrandom to have a random chat now as you please – that’s what social media was intended for, after all. […]

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335: Do You have a Purchase or Usage Brand?

Adam and Jeannie discuss the core distinctions between a purchase brand and a usage brand, how the latter translates to better customer experiences, and ultimately, greater long-term success. […]

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334: Melissa Agnes, Preparing for Crisis

Jeannie and Adam interview author and speaker Melissa Agnes about how preparing beyond traditional crisis management can make your brand invincible. […]

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333: Don’t Make Assumptions About Your Customer’s Journey

Live from the National Speakers Association’s Influence 2018 conference, Adam and Jeannie take the mic (and camera!) to make 2 strong cases for mapping your customer’s journey more thoroughly. […]

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332: Alan Schaefer: Banding Together

Adam and Jeannie discuss an innovative approach to resolving collaboration issues and working together harmoniously with Alan Schaefer, CEO and Founder of Banding People Together. […]

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331: There’s No One Way to Do Customer Experience

Jeannie and Adam report live from the National Speakers Association’s Influence 2018 conference to discuss what it means to do customer experience right. […]

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330: Jess Pettitt, Good Enough NOW

Author and renowned speaker Jess Pettitt flips diversity training on its head to help us check our biases and stereotypes to not only reduce friction, but to leverage them for better experiences greater business outcomes. […]

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329: Be a Customer Experience Change Agent

Jeannie shares the best ways to become a powerful force for positive change in your organization as an in-house customer experience change agent. […]

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