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358: Customer Service Blueprinting: Jeannie’s New Course

Jeannie and Adam discuss how to use Customer Service Blueprinting to optimize all the working parts of your overall customer experience, and how Jeannie can train you on this amazing skill today! Fine-tune your customer experience delivery with customer service blueprinting We’ve talked a lot about customer journey mapping and other amazing tools on this [...]

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357: Thomas Hollmann, Customer Experience Education

Jeannie and Adam welcome Dr. Thomas Hollmann to tackle the customer experience education gap between academia and real-world business. About Dr. Hollmann Dr. Thomas Hollmann is a Clinical Associate Professor of Marketing and the Executive Director of the Center for Services Leadership at Arizona State University. Thomas’ work experience spans four countries and over 10 years [...]

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356: Will Chatbots Be Everywhere?

Adam and Jeannie discuss the rapid evolution of chatbots across industries and how to make the best decisions around existing and emerging chatbot technology. Chatbots are the new black Chatbots are taking the world by storm! They've made their way into foodservice, retail, SaaS, and more. Typically, we catch on pretty fast when interacting with [...]

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355: Lisa Ford, Customer Service Excellence

Adam and Jeannie welcome customer service video training pioneer Lisa Ford to discuss her time-tested approach to achieving customer service excellence. About Lisa Ford Lisa Ford is known for her work on customer issues. Her ideas help companies create customer-focused cultures and keeping customers loyal. She is a speaker and author with over 20 years of [...]

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354: Are you neglecting key moments in the customer journey?

Jeannie Walters CCXP explains how to find and leverage key moments we often overlook, but have a great emotional impact on how customers perceive and remember the customer journey. Are you aware of the key moments in your customer journey? Are you focused on the customer journey? I mean REALLY focused? Most business leaders say [...]

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353: Scott McKain, Make Your Organization Iconic

In this powerful interview, bestselling author Scott McKain shares the secrets behind brands and leaders who go beyond differentiation to become iconic. […]

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352: Keeping Knowledge When Superstars Leave

Adam and Jeannie discuss how to prevent valuable knowledge from leaving your company along with superstar employees who are ready to move on. Knowledge is power. Stop losing it! Employee turnover is at an all-time high. So there’s lots of advice out there (and in previous episodes of Crack the Customer Code!) about how to [...]

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351: Mark Sanborn, Extraordinary Leadership

Renowned speaker and author Mark Sanborn shares his leadership wisdom to inspire every employee to deliver extraordinary customer experiences, every time. […]

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350: New Year’s Resolutions

Adam and Jeannie kick off 2019 with some of the best resolutions you can make to continuously improve customer experience and customer service all year long. […]

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349: Mark Colgate, The Science of Service

Jeannie and Adam uncover the science behind consistently great customer service with Mark Colgate, author of The Science of Service. […]

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