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This episode is special in so many ways. First, it’s the 500th episode of Crack the Customer Code! That in itself is an incredible thing, but this is also the season’s finale and another bourbon summit. Unfortunately, this is also the last episode of the whole show. If you’re not aware, Jeannie and Adam have mentioned several times that they are ending the podcast. However, they will still end it on a high!

“This is the end of the road, but not the final goodbye. I feel it’s not good to say it’s the end because there is a lot ahead for both of us.”

Even though it’s the end, Adam and Jeannie have much to discuss. They’ll tell you about everything they’ve learned over the years, the things that delighted them and what were the most challenging parts, and they’ll even share a few tips for podcast hosts and guests. Lastly, make sure you stay tuned until the end to learn what these veterans of the CX world are planning in the months to come. Without giving anything away, know that you’re bound to hear more from them.

“You can measure all you want, but that doesn’t do anything if you don’t use the information to transform the experiences for the humans you’re serving.”

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Adam’s guitar skills and a live rendition of his intro and outro jingle
  • The reason behind these bourbon summits and how they became a thing
  • The best and the hardest parts of the podcast
  • Adam and Jeannie’s hopes for the CX industry
  • What’s next for Jeannie and Adam?

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