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How important is speed in customer experience? That’s precisely what Jay Baer, a customer experience and marketing expert, author, and researcher, is here to discuss, among other things. A 7th-generation entrepreneur, Jay has written six books and led five multi-million dollar companies. He founded the global marketing and CX consultancy Convince & Convert and has advised many of the world’s most iconic brands. He co-founded and led the Social Pros podcast for ten years, and the show just received the award for best marketing podcast from the Content Marketing Institute. Jay’s new research report about the importance of responsiveness in business is called The Time to Win.

“Speed expectations never stay still.”

– Jay Baer

Speed and responsiveness matter today, and even though the pandemic has changed the rules, some things are still carved in stone. Jay, Jeannie, and Adam will delve deep into this, and they’ll touch upon how values are not just words but things that companies need to act upon. You’ll also learn about Jay’s interesting views on the future of CX and how AI and other modern technologies can improve the industry.

“In a robots contest, empathy becomes king.”

– Jay Baer

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Jay’s research on consumer attitudes toward business speed and responsiveness
  • Three business elements that are non-negotiable for customers
  • Are companies using the pandemic and personnel shortages as excuse to provide less?
  • Jay’s opinion on the idea of CX being a competitive advantage, but only if you need it
  • The future of CX and EX in Jay’s eyes

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