This episode is brought to you by Forethought. With customer expectations higher than ever, that clunky chatbot isn’t cutting it anymore. Forethought goes beyond traditional chatbots by infusing Human-Centered AI that understands your customers’ sentiment and intent. Now you can empower customers to self-serve, automatically route tickets to the right agent, and enable agents to resolve cases faster—all on one AI-powered platform. It’s time to think outside the bot. Learn more about Human-Centered AI and how you can get a $100 gift card by visiting Forethought.ai/ctcc

We’ve mentioned our sponsor, Forethought, several times this season, but they’re finally with us in person. Specifically, the CEO of Forethought, Deon Nicholas, is here to talk with Jeannie and Adam about his company’s human-centered AI.

Forethought is the “AI for Customer Support” company and the 2018 TechCrunch Disrupt winner. Their AI is customer support software that works with your team while the company supports your agents. Forbes listed Forethought among the next few billion-dollar startups.

“AI is similar to how our brains encode meaning.”

– Deon Nicholas

Forethought is at the forefront of AI technology, and they are working on it with a genuine human approach. Their conversational AI is there to help both the customers and the customer service agents. Deon Nicholas has a lot to say about his company’s solution, and he’s also here with a special offer for all Crack the Customer Code listeners.

“With all these human touchpoints in the customer journey, there’s so much room for AI technology to help.”

– Deon Nicholas

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • What is Forethought, the human-centered AI customer service company?
  • How Forethought is leading us into the future of AI in customer support
  • Benefits of conversational AI and how it differs from chatbots
  • How Forethought AI solution works and how it helps CX people
  • When is AI no longer needed and humans have to step in?

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