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Knowing how your customers are doing is the bare minimum of what companies can do with customer experience, but so many don’t succeed in that as they are focusing on bigger metrics. However, this knowledge is crucial in improving user experience, which is why the customer health score metric is an important figure to follow.

“You can spot signals that customers are not telling you in their feedback, but they’re telling you in their behavior.”

We spend so much time and energy talking about, but we don’t do much about the people in the middle. These are the people who want to yell at us and they are thinking about it, and they will slowly leave the brand if you don’t do something about it. People are not always clear on what they want and think, which is why it’s crucial for companies to do more about figuring them out.

“People will say they like a feature or a product and then never use it.”

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • A quick word on the evolutionary chatbots from this season’s sponsors Forethought
  • Why so many organizations fail to know what their customers are doing
  • The customer health score explained
  • Product line breadth and depth

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