What does it mean to be authentic and transparent in customer and employee experience? More importantly, how does that work in practice? That’s precisely what we are talking about with our guest David Sakamoto. He brings deep passion and experience in leading customer experiences, scaling businesses, and optimizing the delivery of products and services to provide customer outcomes and propel revenue growth. He currently leads global customer success at GitLab but had previously built and scaled the Americas Customer Success team at Cisco, and had worked at Evault, Genentech, Yahoo, and SGI.

With everything we do, we are totally open, direct, and transparent.

– David Sakamoto

Transparency is not as simple as many companies think. You need to be open about your inner processes and plans to your employees, and you need to show everything about your product or service to the customer. David has a lot of fascinating ideas behind all of this and a few recommendations you should hear about as they have already worked for him and his company GitLab.

“One thing I hope never changes is empathy for your customer.”

David Sakamoto

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How David came to manage customer success at GitLab and his vision for it
  • Transparency and “walking the talk” at GitLab
  • How transparency looks in practice at GitLab
  • How David leverages his team and maintains company culture and values
  • David’s ideas on the future of customer experience

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