In this episode, we will talk a little bit about empathy and its importance in business. It’s all because empathy plays a crucial role in improving your organization. There are specific connections between empathy and business results, and that’s precisely what we are here to unravel.

“Empathy is also important in the proactive design of customer experiences.”

Catalyst’s report on the Power of Empathy in Times of Crisis and Beyond has given us a couple of interesting findings and data that shows the importance of leaders leading their teams with empathy. Employees become more productive and innovative, but they also decide to stay in the company, another growing worry businesses face today.

Empathy gets you all the things!

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How empathy can be linked to business results
  • Empathetic leaders and their influence on employees’ productivity and innovation
  • How should leaders show empathy
  • Senior leader vs. manager empathy

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