Who comes first in customer service? The customer or the employee? Or maybe both, even though that might sound impossible. Our guest, Annette Franz, is here to discuss that and give us the answers we all need. She is the founder and CEO of CX Journey Inc. and has spent the last 30 years in customer experience. Annette is a Certified Customer Experience Professional (CCXP), an internationally recognized customer experience thought leader, coach, keynote speaker, and author of Customer Understanding and Built to Win.

Culture to me is core values, plus behaviors.

– Annette Franz

Annette has some exciting ideas to share about the customer-centric mindset all companies need to have. Many of them are already widely believed by organizations, but they are not adopted in the way they need to be. What’s more, many companies keep delaying this to increase profits, but they need to understand that genuinely implementing the employee and customer-centric model is the way to go to drive more value.

“All employees are essential – that’s the mind shift that has to happen.”

Annette Franz

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Who Annette’s latest book, Built to Win is for?
  • Recommendations on how to ensure a customer-centric culture
  • “Employees more first” – what does it mean?
  • What leaders who think customer-centric doesn’t drive value need to know
  • Which employees are essential?

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