Recommendations are essential, and so is customer loyalty. Today’s guest on Crack the Customer Code, Fred Reichheld, knows that well. He is the creator of the Net Promoter System of management, founder of Bain & Company’s Loyalty practice, and author of five books, including a New York Times bestseller – The Ultimate Question 2.0. He is a frequent speaker at major business forums, and his work on customer loyalty has been covered in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Financial Times, The Economist, and Businessweek.

If you’re only looking at retention – good luck at actually learning in real time.

– Fred Reichheld

When Fred developed his Net Promoter System, he had no idea that it would end up being used by the majority of companies today. But times have changed, and so has CX, which is why he has had to make changes and updates to that system. He has a lot of intriguing things to say about the things he’s been working on lately, so tune in to learn all about them.

“Referring your friends is an act of love.”

Fred Reichheld

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Fred’s take on how his Net Promoter System (NPS) fits into the CX of today
  • The success of NPS and what’s Fred changing at the moment
  • The new approach with “Earned Growth”
  • The response from leaders on Earned Growth
  • Fred’s thoughts on what won’t change in the future world of customer experience

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