The right to repair is a big discussion right now. Many feel that companies have gone too far in making their products hard to repair, and users now want to be able to fix the products they buy. Naturally, this doesn’t always work for organizations, which is precisely why we are where we are. But shouldn’t that change?

“Should organizations get in front of this instead of waiting for legislation to force them?”

It’s clear that companies make more profit when they limit the ability of customers to repair their products. However, couldn’t it be better to give them the ability to repair and reap the rewards of more loyal customers? Jeannie and Adam will talk about that in more detail and tell you all about CX, the right to repair, and how they go together, so make sure you tune in to the latest episode.

I’m gonna fix my stuff!

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • What is the right to repair?
  • How organizations can get in front of this and connect with customers
  • Research and numbers on the right to repair
  • What should companies be doing about the CX of the right to repair
  • Examples of what some companies are accomplishing

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