Don’t you love how holistic CX is? It’s just one of the things we’re going to talk about with our guest, Michael Bartlett. He is a serial founder and philantropreneur dedicated to helping animal rescues. Michael believes that the best way to motivate young people and set them up for success is through education and fueling their excitement for entrepreneurship.

He launched his first business, a record label, at age 16 with a small investment from his dad. What he learned from this experience enabled him to set more businesses up in the future including a SaaS learning platform for the CCXP Exam and a film production company, both of which were extremely successful and profitable. Before moving into CX full-time, Michael worked as a consultant for Accenture and a film director.

I found that intrigue works pretty well.

– Michael Bartlett

Michael has a lot of interesting and, frankly, very unique ideas on customer experience. He’ll discuss how he connects other fields to CX, all in an effort to improve it and help CX professionals become better at their jobs. You can find all of that in his new book as well, so tune in to hear why it will be a great and useful read.

“The book is essentially a catalogue of all the different priyomes I’ve found.”

Michael Bartlett

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How Michael managed to connect ideas like film directing and chess to CX
  • How can priyomes, recurring patterns in chess, help CX professionals improve
  • Finding different patterns that can help companies in different industries and sizes
  • How psychology affects customer experience
  • What won’t change in the future of customer experience?

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