Customer experience and banking – an old topic, but one that needs to be discussed. Some would say that they go together and have to go together, and they point to many trends that might be able to prove this point. Others would say quite the opposite, and you can already guess where Adam and Jeannie stand.

“These trends are absolutely important, but they still involve customer experience.”

This is actually a big topic, and it goes as far as the difference between customer service and customer experience. But one thing is sure, people care about their bank experience, and they especially care when they can get more modern tools that will pretty much automate a big chunk of the banking experience. The good news is that Jeannie and Adam are here to discuss all of that in detail, so tune in as soon as you can.

It’s not because the experience is good, it’s because we are basically captive customers.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Is CX dead in the banking industry?
  • The trends you need to know and how to interpret them
  • Does customer experience even matter in banking?
  • The tools banks need to provide to make the experience better

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