Some might not believe it, but there is still a debate between customer experience and customer service, even though the former includes the latter. The first guest of the new season, Brad Cleveland, has a lot to say about the role of customer service in CX.

Brad is one of the biggest experts on customer strategy and management and has worked in his field across 45 states and 60 countries. He worked for clients like American Express, Apple, USAA, the University of California, and the federal governments of Canada, Australia, and the U.S, and is now a sought-after speaker and consultant.

His latest books include Contact Center Management on Fast Forward, that won the best-selling award on Amazon, and Leading the Customer Experience, which was selected a “Distinguished Favorite” in this year’s NYC Big Book Awards.

Focus on what matters – how are we going to make a dent in the world and improve our customers’ lives?

– Brad Cleveland

Customer service is often mistreated and not given the respect it deserves. In this episode, we try to change that and Brad has enough great examples and options from his work and his book that are bound to give you something to think about.

“Cross functional value – it’s where customer experience can live or die in the trenches.”

Brad Cleveland

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • What inspired Brad to write his latest book on customer experience
  • The biggest barriers to successful customer experience initiatives
  • Brad’s opinions on the untapped potential in customer service
  • The things that won’t change in the future of customer experience

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