The Crack the Customer Code shop is closing for the season, and we have another Bourbon Summit for you. Another season might be ending, but Jeannie and Adam still have a few more surprises.

“As with all things, bourbon is great, except for when you’re making decisions!”

This is one of the longest Bourbon Summits in the show’s history, and Jeannie and Adam survived, don’t worry! But more importantly, it was one of the longest as so many things had to be covered. From the changes to the world of CX to a recapitulation of what the show’s guests covered, there’s so much to hear, so crack open a bottle of your favorite drink and tune in.

“A great word of mouth strategy can really propel everything in the organization forward.”

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The bourbons Adam and Jeannie are drinking for this summit
  • The history of Bourbon Summits at Crack the Customer Code
  • The changes in the world of customer experience since the podcast started
  • Jeanie and Adam’s answers to the season’s question on the future of CX

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