It seems that the job of getting other leaders involved is a full-time occupation of every CX leader as they have to juggle a lot of things, including educating, communicating, socializing, and so much more. Thankfully, we have someone who has done most of those things and knows how to help you, and it’s Marlanges Simar. She is a talented, results-driven customer experience professional with a broad background in leadership and strategic planning management.

Marlanges Simar collaborates with stakeholders and leads a team with the clear purpose of solving customer problems and helping them achieve their goals. More importantly, she runs programs that get employees to think of customers as the organization’s central focus. Currently, she is working as the Director of Customer Experience at Prime Therapeutics.

You have to work with everyone at all levels and bring them on that customer story.

– Marlanges Simar

It’s incredibly challenging being the CX leader, especially when you’re always looking for support from the rest of the organization. That’s why the advice Marlanges has is so powerful and energizing. More importantly, it’s bound to help any CX leader out there.

“Everyone does what they believe is of value to the customer. But are we measuring it as the customer measures it?”

Marlanges Simar

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How Marlanges manages to build cross-functional support and coalitions with leaders
  • Advice for CX leaders who want to be the voice of the customer in their company
  • The challenges and pitfalls Marlanges has witnessed as a CX leader
  • How to gain buy-in from leaders and why this step is so challenging

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